Saturday, March 8, 2014

Silver Mounted Sword by Kyle Willyard and Jared Secrest with Scabbard by Wick Ellerbe

 Throat and Chape/drag are all 20 ga. sterling silver. Leather is 6/7oz vege tan, blacked with vinegaroon, and sewn with 6 cord linen thread. This scabbard was fitted to the beautiful silver mounted sword shown, which was made by Kyle Willyard and Jared Secrest  of  "Old Dominion Forge".  The drag/chape is of two halves joined by silver braze and glued in place. The throat has a one piece collar butt joined in the back by a silver braze. The top cap was opened to the blade shape and  joined on with a high strength 600° soft solder. The locket/frog button is a five piece affair being of a washer base, tube shaft, and 8ga silver button, silver brazed together and to the throat body. The thick walled tube shaft has a tight fitted brass rod inside with a 1/16" steel pin through the center and into the button and throat forming a very strong structure. These scabbard mounts with their hand filed decorative bands were inspired by an original 18th c. scabbard.

Copy and photos supplied by Wick Ellerbe.


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