Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Wabanaki" Style Keel Pipe by Ken Hamilton

Steatite (also called Soapstone) historic pipe copy of a "Wabanaki" style keel pipe. The grey stone is simply wiped with olive oil to produce a black finish, and has an ash stem. This is a little larger than a "petit calumais" (small keel/"Micmac" pipe), but still easily carried. 

The original was on display at the NH Historical Society Museum in Concord, and was apparently found on the upper Connecticut River in Coos (almost at the Canadian border). Although the original has a couple of little engraved details not used on this repro, it is nevertheless typical of the regional tall, round bowl shapes, that have the wide center (or just off center) belly, and the short "keel" on a long octagon base. It probably dates to the ca. 1700 - 1740 era.

Copy and photos supplied by Ken Hamilton.

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