Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Honourable Company of Horners 2013 Annual Meeting Raffle

The Honourable Company of Horners are to have a raffle at the annual meeting to help raise funds for the Guild.  Some fine artisans from within the Guild donate items for this raffle.

Sparks Mumma donated a engraved salt and pepper horn

lady`s ring box made by Don Fererro and engraved by Bill Carter

hand woven powder horn strap and gift certificate for a custom strap from Kris Polizzi

a  8” x 10” framed giclee print from Bob Albrecht

John Dewald crafted medicine cup and spoon

The tickets will be two dollars each, and six for ten dollars. Yes, you will get one extra ticket for buying five and each ticket will get you five chances to win one of the five items. Tickets for the Annual Meeting raffle can be downloaded here and sent, along with payment, to 
Art DeCamp 
2210 Acorn Circle 
Huntingdon, PA 16652

Copy from Ed McDilda and photos and additional pictures from The Honourable Company of Horners

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