Saturday, January 12, 2013

Old Hunting Pouch

Here is an early old pouch I just framed up in a currator case. Its made from tawed deer hide and sinew sewn I believe. The wide cow hide strap is broken in several places, but you can still see the horn keeper used on the spout end...indicating that the horn and pouch hung on the left side for this rig. I've added the antique patch knife, the cap tin and the old bullet mold. The antler handled knife is an old one too. It was found along the Mississippi river near Thompson Illinois. It is marked 502 on the blade, and has a poured pewter ferrule. The hilt cracked from the inside out as a result of freezing, presumably while in the river water. It makes up a pretty neat display set.

Copy and photos supplied by T.C. Albert.

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