Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paul Bigham

An exceptionally fine smooth rifle. Colerain octagon to round barrel of 44" in 20 gauge with multiple filed flats at transition on wedding band. No choke. Quarter sawn sugar maple with hand done aqua fortis stain. Wide butt plate that yields and excellent shooting gun. No patchbox was utilized due to the striking grain on the butt stock. Check piece with silver inlay and "c" scroll carving. Molded lock plate with classic long beaver tails per the southern mode. Engraving on butt plate, trigger guard, lock plate and breech as well as entry pipe. Hand made rear and front sight. All iron furniture is hand forged and completed. Chambers English lock, that is also engraved. Butt of the gun has molding as well as molding on the forearm. There is a classic "Brown Bess" or English gun swelling at the entry pipe. There is no side lock plate, but engraved sterling silver washers. The hand made hickory ramrod is tapered. This gun was made by Paul Bigham of IL in 2011.

Copy and photos supplied by Craig Perry Gross.

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