Monday, September 24, 2012

Daniel Casey Belt Ax for Eric Van Alstine

Some time back I commissioned Daniel Casey of Beebe, Arkansas to build a belt ax that I could use on a regular basis. Knowing that Daniel is an Student of Hershel House I knew it would have that deep down home styling that comes with the Woodbury school. I told Daniel that I wanted something that was plain, yet graceful, and would hold an edge well. Other than that I let Daniel go with his creative juices.

What I received the other day is a hard working example of Daniel's work. This little belt ax looks like it just came out of a page in history. He embodied all of the aspects of a belt ax from days gone by, filled with a true American spirit that will be admired forgenerations to come. The head is hand forged, with a high carbon bit deeply set into the head where they all convereged into a wonderfulpiece of curly maple.

This is one craftsman work that you will want to add to your collection. Thanks, Daniel !

Copy and photos supplied by Eric Van Alstine.

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