Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bill Shipman Rifle

This rifle is made in contemporary style meaning that it's not a copy of any particular school or maker. The swamped barrel is 44 in. long, 1 in. at the breach and in .50 cal. Four steel wedges for retention. Chambers late Ketland lock. Highly modified Davis set triggers. Handmade patchbox with a sterling silver fish. The cheekpiece inlay star has alternating pieces of sterling silver and brass.

Copy and photos supplied by Bill Shipman.


  1. That is a really grand rifle! It is just fun to look at. Is the patch box brass, white brass, or iron? I cannot tell in the photos.


  2. Was this gun made by Frank H. Bartlett of Gallatin, TN?

  3. This rifle was made by Bill Shipman. Click on his name in the red type below the last picture and you will be taken to Bills' web site. Look under gallery for all the rifles that Bill has made. Jan