Thursday, June 7, 2012

Axes by George Ainslie, Frank House, Jeff Cline, Rick Guthrie

Left to right: George Ainslie, Frank House, unknown, Jeff Cline, Rick Guthrie, Rick Guthrie

George Ainslie 

Frank House

unknown maker

Jeff Cline

Rick Guthrie

Rick Guthrie

Rick Guthrie

Photos by Robert Weil.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing a very heavily used Hammer Poll Tomahawk that I made a number of years ago. Thanks for posting this photo and crediting me for the tomhawk. These tomahawks are availiable for 100.00 plus shipping. I also make a number of belt axes and any custom axes, pipe tomahawks, or knives that folks can provide a pattern for. I also have folding skillets, lead ladles and gun worms all hand forged. please visit my website: