Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Southeastern Woodlands Ball Headed War Club by

Replicated from an original club with Southeastern provenance. This massive ball club is made from a hornbeam root burl found on the historic Scioto River in central Ohio. The overall length of this war club is 16.5" which makes it different from most Eastern ball clubs. The oversized ball was hand carved and shaped to closely match the original. This club shows it's true origin as a root burl with eclusions, grain cracks, swirling grain characteristic of all great ball clubs. The club has been aged to show great battle use.

Copy and photo supplied by Todd Bitler.


  1. "Found in a brothel in Kirkwood, MO, 1900
    Bar in St. Charles, MO, 1930"

    not the strongest attribution to the SE, or the 18th century forms of warclubs, unless they're going off of a 19th century example of a SE club, or the one image of the Creek fellow among the Cherokee going to London (who is holding a ball club that fits the curved handle forms seen on northern artefacts from the period).

    Nice piece of work, I've held it myself.

  2. mahlon hathorn-folsomSeptember 18, 2013 at 10:35 PM

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