Saturday, April 16, 2011

Christian Springs, Pennsylvania Longrifle by Gary White

This early Colonial era longrifle features a number of Germanic influences, but has several distinctly American features. Rifles of a similar style were produced at early settlements such as Christian's Spring, Pennsylvania, during the mid 1700's. This hand finished early style .69 caliber longrifle is trimmed in brass furniture. The maple stock is fitted with a sliding wood patchbox, and decorated with incised carving. It is unsigned by the maker Dr. Gary White.

The heart of the rifle is its .69 caliber barrel. The barrel is 39" with a 1" long patent breech. The bore is cut rifled with eight wide lands and grooves, in a slow twist, for use with a patched round ball. The bore is mostly bright with a few scattered pits near along the edge of the rifling near the muzzle.

The barrel is fitted with a flat top rear sight dovetailed 12" ahead of the breech. The front sight is a brass blade soldered to the top flat behind the muzzle.

The buttstock is fitted with a wide, tall, nearly flat buttplate, which you will appreciate this when firing full loads from the .69 caliber bore. The maple stock in plain, with straight grain, making it a ideal choice for a large caliber rifle. The wrist and buttstock are decorated with incised carving flowing down from the wrist.

The sliding wooden patchbox installed on the gun is well fitted and latches securely in place. Modest thumb pressure allows the door to be slid toward the buttplate revealing a deep cut cavity for patches, jags, or other accessories.

This rifle has a overall weight of 10.6 pounds and a trigger reach of 14". 

The raised carving rolls down the comb and transitions into incised carving. The square cheek is shaped with a stepped face. To the rear of the cheek the stock features raised and incised carved C scrolls. The stock does have a crack in the butt from the end grain to the center of the raised carving. 

This large caliber rifle is stocked in straight grain maple, and trimmed in brass furniture. The rifle has a well used appearance with a dark patina on the brass trim, lock, and stock.

Copy and photos supplied by Track of the Wolf.

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