Monday, July 13, 2015

The Fort Schuyler Horn by Kevin Hart

Title: The Fort Schuyler Horn

Length: 15 inches

Throat: Carved recessed edge followed by a 6 inch octagonal throat with two wedding bands

Butt Plug: 2 5/8 inch turned Pine painted using red milk paint

Horn Peg: Turned Pine painted using red milk paint

Worn: Right side

Inscriptions: “Grait Liberty inspire our souls/and magnify our seal/Grait God of worship protect our cause/And we’ll submit thy will”/ United States of America/ “Fort Schuyler Dec. 25th, 1777”

Carvings: Fort Schuyler/ banner with fort’s name/ banner with United States of America/ Vine cartouche/13 arrow bundle held together with ribbon & bow/ map of the Mohawk Trail with forts, cabins,barns, Mohawk River/ Albany/ Schenectady/ running Indian/ couple dancing/ bird hunter/ maker’s mark

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

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