Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 CLF Auction Item" Cutlery Set in Quilled Pouch by Glen Mock & Bill Wright

Cutlery Set in Quilled Pouch by Glen Mock & Bill Wright

Glen Mock is noted for his outstanding knife making and has previously donated to the CLF Auction. We are specially indebted to our multiple year donors. This year Bill Wright teamed up with Glen and pushed him a bit outside of his comfort zone. 

As a result of this collaboration the CLF is proud to offer a unique and charming Glen Mock spoon and fork set in a Bill Wright brain tanned and quilled pouch. The hand forged spoon and fork are each just over 6 inches long. With aged natural material handles, touchmarks and sil-ver escutcheons and end caps, each piece is in itself a work of art. The 6-1/2 inch pouch is hand sewn and expertly quilled in brightly hand dyed porcupine quills. The orange red and white on the dark pouch is very striking. The bag includes a tasseled cone with quill wrap on the clo-sure thong and a bone closure button

This is the sort of item that would be a status symbol to a Booshway or a Fur Company Factor. No matter where you rendezvous, on the Tennessee, in the Rockies, or at Ruth's Chris Steak-house, you are unlikely to see another set this elegant and historically correct. A great creation from two noted artists.

Glen and Bills contact information is:

Glen Mock

Bill Wright

Copy supplied by CLF with copy by Heinz Ahlers.

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