Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ken Gahagan's Bumford Trade Gun

This is a copy of the Bumford trade gun circa 1750-1760 that resides at Colonial Williamsburg. All dimensions are taken directly off the original gun. The lock was made by The Rifle Shoppe by combining components of several of their trade gun lock to come up with the best possible representation of the original lock. The lock plate had cast in bow and quiver engraving that had to be welding over and re engraved with the proper design. The 46 1/4" .590 caliber barrel was made by John Getz who did and excellent job of recreating the original with dimensions that were supplied about every 6". All the brass hardware was handmade from the original. The stock is beech and painted red. The entire gun was worn back and aged to look like an original. This gun was commissioned by Angie Cook for her husband Mitch as a retirement present. You can see the proud new owners in the photo.

Copy supplied by Ken Gahagan with Bumford photos by Russ Young.

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  1. A really great piece. The attention to detail in recreating the original Bumford is a display of Ken Gahagan's talent.


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