Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quilled & Netted Sash by James Blake

Quilled & Netted Sash made by James Blake based from the original example collected around 1780 by Sir. John Caldwell, 5th Baronet of Castle Caldwell and Lt. in the 8th Regiment of Foot. Called "Appatto" The Runner by the Ojibwa people, Caldwell's collection remained in Ireland until part of it was acquired by a German collector, Arthur Speyer. When, in 1973 the Museum repatriated the outstanding Speyer collection of Indian objects made during the eighteenth and nineteenth  centuries, it also acquired the Caldwell pieces. The original sash now resides in the Museum of fine Arts Boston.

Copy and photos supplied by James Blake.


  1. That is an amazing piece of period artwork. Are the net "knots" wrapped in quills?
    Thanks for posting

  2. Exquisite! Happy to See your Returning to the Scene it has not been the same without you. After what you have been thru, I'm happy to see you alive and producing again. I'am confident your work will be highly sought after. Like the Phoenix you have risen from the ashes of a old life.


  3. what is the fiber in the braids ?

  4. Heinz Thank you for the complement the quill wrappings act as knots on this piece The wrapping is done with a sewn down technique like the original it gives the wrapping a little more added strength than just plain free hand wrapping, G.B. Thank you for the compliments It fills good to be back, and Brian The fiber is braided 2ply wool yarn.


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