Wednesday, February 25, 2015

17th Annual Gun Makers' Seminar at Canter's Cave: Photos

Originally established and coordinated by Dean Freund, the seminar was led for sixteen years by gunmakers Hershel and John House. Starting in January 2015 the class will now be led by gunmakers Ian Pratt and Jim Kibler, with coordinating duties handled by Joe McGee. 

It's typical of course to not have any finished guns after a week long class, usually when somebody gets some stain on one after a week it's a gun they had already been working on in previous classes and/or at home. 

For information on Gunmakers' Seminar and other available classes, contact Joe McGee at 

Photos taken by JoeMcGee, Bill Mills and Jerry Douglass with copy supplied by Ian Pratt.

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  1. Those classes must be very interesting to attend given the differences in the styles of rifles Ian and Jim produce.


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