Thursday, February 19, 2015

London Style Fowling Piece by Jim Turpin

Just finished January 2015 for a customer in Utah. London style fowling piece in 28 gauge. It features a Charles Burton barrel, Very nice Birdseye maple { yes, the English did have and use Birdseye}, all steel hardware & a custom made Large Siler I modified to have the appearance of a london style lock. One photo shows the hand made nose cap made from "black & white" Ebony. Ebony was used by the London makers on occasion. I thought the "black & white" marbled made a nice contrast to the "usual"

Copy and photos supplied by Jim Turpin.

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  1. What a great piece. The modifications to the Siler lock are worth a photo essay on their own. I think Mr Turpin accomplished exactly what he wanted to do, create a London quality fowler emphasizing the quality of its components. (and I am not wild about smooth bores )


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