Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Last Men of the Revolution

A Photograph of each from Life
Accompanied by brief Biographical Sketches of the Men
Rev. E. B. Hillard
Samuel Downign

The first in order visited was Samuel Downign, and the sketch of his life shall introduce the series. Mr. Downing lives in the town of Edinburgh, Saratoga County; New York. His age is one hundred and two years. 

Daniel Waldo

From Luzerne I proceeded to Syracuse, the home of the Rev. Daniel Waldo, the most widely known of the surviving soldiers of the Revolution.

Daniel Waldo was born in Windham, (Scotland Parish,) Conn., on the 10th of September, 1762. 

Lemuel Cook

From the home of Mr. Waldo, the most distinguished, I passed to that of Lemuel Cook, the oldest survivor of the Revolution. He lives in the town of Clarendon, (near Rochester,) Orleans county, New York. His age is one hundred and five years.

Mr. Cook was born in Northbury, Litchfield county, Connecticut, September 10, 1759.

Alexander Milliner

Mr. Milliner was born at Quebec on the 14th of March, 1760. His father was an English goldsmith, who came over with Wolfe's army as an artificer, his wife accompanying him. At the scaling of the Heights of Abraham, he was detailed for special service, and at the close of the battle, lying down to drink at a spring on the plain, he never rose again; the cold water, in his heated and exhausted condition, causing instant death.

William Hutchings

William was born in York, York county, Maine, (then Massachusetts,) in 1764. He is, therefore, in his one hundred and first year.

Adam Link

He was born in Washington county, near Hagers town, Maryland, November 14, 1761. He died at Sulphur Springs, Crawford county, Ohio, August 15, 1864. His age was one hundred and two years, nine months, and one day.

Photos and copy from American Revolution: The Last Men of the Revolution. The stories of each of these men can be found at the link.

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