Thursday, November 20, 2014

J. P. Beck Lebanon, Pennsylvania Longrifle by Allen Martin

J. P. Beck Lebanon, Pennsylvania Longrifle,
.60 caliber, 42" Getz swamped barrel,
maple, sliding wood patchbox, brass trim, patina finish, 
as-new, unfired, signed by Allen Martin

This fine replica of a John Philip Beck - Lebanon township, Lancaster County Pennsylvania longrifle is as-new, in unfired condition. Lebanon township is located just to the north of Lancaster County. John Philip Beck was the preeminent gunsmith in this region from the late 1770's until his death in 1811. Dr. George Shumway suggests that J.P. Beck's unique style of rifle architecture changed little over this period, unlike many other gunsmiths, during the golden age of the American longrifle. 

This well made rifle was constructed by contemporary gunmaker Allen Martin and is signed on the top flat of the barrel. Not a copy of a specific J.P. Beck rifle, this replica blends features from a number of rifles attributed to this maker with a considerable amount of the influence from rifle No. 100 shown in Rifles of Colonial America, Volume II. Stocked in a dense piece of sugar maple, the stock is a ideal choice to display Mr. Martin's crisp raised carving. The stock has been rubbed back to give the appearance of years of handling, but does not have any of the small handling marks normally associated with use. The brass furniture has a hand burnished appearance and has been lightly patina finished, metal to wood fit is exceptional. The early Germanic style lock and Getz swamped barrel are finished with a lightly speckled silvery gray patina. This rifle is as-new with a only a few marks on the frizzen face from sparking.

This longrifle is fitted with a .60 caliber 42" Getz swamped octagon barrel. The swamped barrel is thickest at the breech for strength, tapers to a narrow waist to reduce weight and flares at the muzzle to align the sights. The swamped octagon barrel combined with the large caliber gives the rifle a modest weight and excellent balance when held off hand. The .60 caliber bore is cut rifled with seven lands and radius grooves with a slow twist for a tightly patched round ball. The bore is bright and clean, in new condition.

Copy and photos supplied by Track of the Wolf.


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