Friday, November 7, 2014

Bucks Co. Rifle by Ed Wenger

About a year ago I finished a Bucks County rifle from plans obtained from Jack Brooks while attending his class at the Bowling Green NMLRA Seminars.  The plans were from an unattributed Bucks County rifle that Jack restored, and had a traditional side opening brass box.  While building this rifle, I often thought how it would look with a wood box, which resulted in the rifle pictured here.

This rifle was built from the same plans as noted above.  Since I took the liberty to build this rifle with a wood box, which is very rare, I also decided to incorporate some Lehigh Valley influence, reflected in the oval wrist.  I also incorporated more raised wood carving than is commonly found on Bucks County pieces, and the carving behind the cheek piece has an early flair.  The lock is a Davis Early Colonial lock which resembles very closely the original lock.  With the exception of the trigger guard and butt piece, all hardware was hand crafted.

Copy and photos supplied by Ed Wenger.


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