Monday, July 8, 2013

Historic 1763 One of One Thousand by the HCH

This year’s One of One Thousand powder horn is truly an historic representation. The horn with applied hornband was produced by Master Horner Art DeCamp of Huntingdon, PA, and is a faithful copy of a F&I period Philadelphia internal screw-tip horn.  Art’s recently published book, Pennsylvania “Horns of the Trade”, has an entire chapter of photographs of these significant early Pennsylvania powderhorns. The 18th century poly-chromed line engraving is typical of that on professional presentation horns of the period and was done by Master Horner Roland Cadle of Hollidaysburg, PA. The horn is dated 1763 incommemoration of the end of the French & Indian War, Pontiac’s Uprising,and the Battle of Bushy Run.  Included with the horn is a hand-woven carry strap by HCH member Kris Polizzi of Elizabethtown, PA.

Since this is the 250th anniversary of these three historic events, and since both Art and Roland turned 63 this year, could we combine their ages to consider this horn antiqueas well as authentic?

The Honourable Company of Horners, and its members Art DeCamp and Roland Cadle and Kris Polizzi arepleased to present this horn to the NMLRA for this year’s historic One of One Thousand horn.

For more information about the 1 of 1000 Endowment program, please contact  
National Muzzleloading Rifle Association
P.O. Box 67
Friendship, IN 47021
or call 812-667-5131 or on the web here.

Copy and photos supplied by Art DeCamp.

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