Monday, July 1, 2013

Alexander McGilvray Rifle by Mark Thomas for the Heritage Museum in Dayton, VA

This is a rifle that will be raffled off through my local historical society, Heritage Museum in Dayton, VA. 

The original Alexander McGilvray rifle is in their collection is a snailed breach percussion system of ignition, much later than I prefer. I took artistic license and built it as a flinter, other than that it follows the original fairly well. I did include carving on this since the original lacked any decorative carving at all but with all the silver it needed to have that included. The carving comes from another known McGilvray rifle. Alexander McGilvray was a maker in Harrisonburg VA from around 1800 to 1850 and produced a large number of "home rifles". Many are back action locks of late period that turn up and just plain nice rifles. Still some polishing and waxing to do for the rifle is ready to be handed off. 

Ticket information for the raffle can be found here.

Copy and photos supplied by Mark Thomas.

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