Friday, August 24, 2012

Tim Williams After Isaac Berlin

Easton, PA, .54 caliber, Double wedding band 0ctagon to round 45" Getz barrel set in a nice curly maple stock. Chambers Round-face lock, engraved. Handmade: Wooden patch box, Side plate, Nose cap, Front & rear sights, Horn-tipped ramrod. Concave moulding on fore and butt ends. Relief carving surrounds rear entry thimble and tang. Incise carving in front of patch box. Incise & relief carving on patch box lid; extensive relief carving on cheek piece, fore and aft. 

Copy and photos supplied by Tim Williams.

1 comment:

  1. Nice rifle. The complex carving is nicely handled. The breech architecture also looks well done.
    I have always wondered how the particular rifle this is based on was attributed to Issac Berlin?
    That is not meant to detract from this splendid effort.