Thursday, August 9, 2012

New England Musket/Fowler by Ken Gahagan

 Bench copy of a Revolutionary War period New England Musket/Fowler. Has a .70 cal. smoothbore barrel that is a copy of the origianl made by John Getz. The gun is 67" overall in length. Full cherry wood stock as per the original. Brass facated trigger guard  was cast from the original and has an early acorn finial.  Brass ramrod ferrils, buttplate and sideplate washers were fabricated from sheet. Original had a slightly modified early model Brown Bess lock which is what is used in this copy as well (The Rifle Shoppe). This musket is a typical example of a Rev War period musket made of European parts and restocked in cherry wood for the American patriots use in fighting the British. Provenance states the original musket was used in the Battle of Saratoge by a member of the Seldon family of Greenfield, Mass.

Copy by Ken Gahagan with photos by Jan Riser.


  1. Ken, that is just awesome. The wrist crack is scary, is it real??
    I am impressed with the aging on the wrist patch which looks like it must have been done, at least in part, in place.
    Very nice. Maybe a little "modern" for you?

    kind regards, Heinz

  2. Ken, that is scary!! Beautiful job of creating an aged replica. Elegant lines and very believable. Breaking that wrist must have been painful!!

  3. You can not tell this piece from the original that it was copied from...