Saturday, August 25, 2012

Iron Age Ax with Original Haft

Archaeologists have spent all summer excavating in a Danish bog a small sample of what has turned out to be a mass grave containing skeletal remains from more than 1,000 warriors, who were killed in battle some 2,000 years ago.

Among the numerous bone fragments, they have only found a few arrowheads, the remains of a shield and a very well preserved axe, complete with a shaft, which is very rare.

The discovery of the many Iron Age bones has attracted international attention, partly because  the body parts are macabre per se, but also because the bones are surprisingly well preserved. Furthermore, the find confirms a Roman source’s description of the Teutons’ atrocious war practices.

The site is located in the Alken Enge wetlands near Lake Mossø on the Jutland peninsula.

Copy and photos from Science Nordic.

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