Monday, May 14, 2012

John DeWald Powder Horn

This "transition" horn (between the end of the French and Indian War and the beginning of the Revolutionary War) is a left hand horn made for right side carry.  The horn is 16" on the OC and 13 1/4" on the IC & a nice double twist. The base is 2 3/4" across. The horn is lobed with a recessed plug, parchment with text, then sealed in with glass and a retainer ring.  Everything is sealed with beeswax.  the parchment is linen with hand drawn calligraphy. The strap is by Kris Polizzi and backed with linen ticking to reinforce and prevent wear.

Charles Hare is a ficticious persona.  "Charles" is the first name of the owner and "Hare" comes from two real life people...John Hare, Captain Ranger under Daniel Claus and his son Peter Hare, Captain, Butler's rangers both assigned to the British Indian Department at the time. George Croghan was the head of the western British Indian Department at the time, and used Ft. Pitt as his main trading post.  The scrim is the Great Britain cipher, a rendering of fort Pitt, and on the lobe is the small GR cipher. The lobe is carved in the shape of a heart to show love for king and country. The stopper is a walnut fiddle peg.

Copy and photos supplied by John DeWald.

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