Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mickey Britt

I knew Mickey and used to shoot with him and another builder Dennis Mulford in the 1970's. I lost track of him sometime in the 1980's and I believe he moved, possibly out of California. He's made some very fine guns with exceptional carving. RW

This is in my estimate a fantastic little rifle (left handed and a 33 inch Getz swamped .50 caliber barrel) with carving on it like none I have seen anywhere. He also executed some fine and very tasteful engraving that you normally do not see today. I am thankful and proud to have had the opportunity to be the steward of this rifle for a while. Thanks again for publishing the information and hope this encourages more rifles like mine to surface so their beauty can be shared with all. GH

Photos supplied by Track of the Wolf with copy by Robert Weil. Second paragraph by Gary Horne.

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