Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brian Anderson Rifle and Axe

Here are some pictures of a rifle I built for fun some years ago; the lock is Bannerman salvage I picked up at Friendship. Left handed, tower marked, GR under a crown, and ordnance proofed. The barrel is round and .58 caliber rifled (39"). The stock is plain maple and brass mounted. I made the buttplate, sideplate and trigger. I thought what the world needed at the time was a left handed, tower marked, rifled, american colonial musket.

Copy and photos supplied by Brian Anderson.


  1. Very nicely done simple rifle. Looks like it would be a joy to carry and shot. Any chance you would share the caliber and barrel length?

  2. nice original concept. more historical than contemporary looking. A real refief.

  3. Duh! Just realized that the details are noted. Need to clean my glasses.

  4. Great rifle. Enjoyed your humor