Monday, August 15, 2011

Horns by Steve Lodding and Randy Pewtress

This is a idea that was basiclly inspired by the work of Grider, Hartley and also what Grancsay tried to do with the "Gillbert Collection" in his book "American Engraved Powder Horns". Opening a powder horn like a piece of paper to show the all of the engraving of the horn was trully a great idea. But to do the same thing with actually using real horn might accent the process much better because the textures and colors that a real horn have cannot really be capture with water colors or just pen and ink. So we have done this very thing using real horn and displaying them in shadow boxes that have the real engraved horn panels and spouts as well as a discription and photo of the the original horn. We plan on having 4 of them at the show. 

Steve and Randy are considering doing 25 signed and numbered different horns.

Copy and photos supplied by Steve Lodding.