Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tennessee Mountain Rifle #140 by Keith Lisle, Birddog6

Stump Cut Curly Maple Stock
Getz .50 cal "B" Weight Swamped Barrel x 44"
Extended Long Tang
Modified Chambers Ketland Flintlock
Modified Davis Set Triggers
White Lightning 1/4" Vent Liner
Handmade Nosecap, Entry & RR pipes, Patchbox, Toeplate with Box, Sideplate, Buttplate, Triggerguard, & Brass Front & Rear Tenn. Style Sights.
Toeplate & Buttplate
are Copper Riveted
All iron is aged.
Weight 7.5 lbs

Keith made all the trim, the brass front and rear sights.

This rifle is available for purchase. More of Keith's work can be seen at Custom Muzzleloaders.


  1. Beautiful work. I especially like the patchbox and toebox and the care attention to style in executing these items. The center ridge on the triggerguard is very well done indeed. The whole thing comes together to show just how accomplished Keith is.

  2. Super architecture and nice little signature details.