Thursday, July 8, 2010

Single Shell Guard Cutlass Sword by Todd Bitler

Hand forged 30" x 1.25" single fuller blade

Iron hand hammered single shell guard with curling top quillon and lower sweeping knuckle guard ending in a half round iron button finial - the guard also has an inward curling thumb ring. Finishing out the cutlass is a hand filed octagonal bone handle with a brass band where the sword meets the guard. Also, on the handle is a matching octagonal domed iron capstan; tang of the sword runs through the handle and is peened over the capstan. The bone handle has several small stress cracks, stains and slight yellowing to signify age. This sword has great aging and supreme balance and weighs just over 1/5 lbs like the original. The blade stamped with Todd's touchmark.

These swords were held in a storage locker in a room called the hold under the deck of the ship. Weapons including swords, muskets, pistols, and powder were locked up and only provided to the ship's occupants when needed. 

Copy and photos supplied by Todd Bitler.

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