Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Contemporary Longrifle Association Live Auction Announcement

                     You may have heard that there will be a live auction at the 14th Annual Show & Meeting of the CLA. And that the show will be held at the Lexington Convention Center in Lexington Kentucky on Friday August 20th and Saturday August 21st. You may have even seen some of the many publicity articles and photograph spreads of this year’s auction items and artists. If so you know the theme of the auction is “Certifiably Native”, and that all of the items represent material culture goods that were made by, used by, or made for Native Americans and the commercial trade carried on between them and the settlers on the frontier.

           Among the auction items you will have seen  a “Chief Pagus” horn by John Proud, a documented  horn and woven strap by Mike Small and tom Conde, a Montreal brooch by Joseph Valentin, a neck bag and knife sheath by Dave and Diane Chambers, a Philadelphia horn by Roland Cadle, a cartouche knife by Ken Gahagan, a “Chief Tammany” horn by Art De Camp, a quilled “Thunderbird” pouch by Michael J. Taylor, a silver shell gorget by Dave Hughes, decorated leggings by Penny Wayne and Tom Gifford, a St. Etienne fusil by Rich Dillon, a club butt fowler by Todd Bitler, a tomahawk by Frank House, Ian Pratt and Joe Seabolt,  a trade horn and decorated strap by Steve Lodding and Amanda Webster, a N.W. gun by Cam Pitkethley, an American dagger and quilled sheath by Frank and Lally House, a native headdress by Michael Galban, a finger woven and quilled bag by Shawn Webster and James Blake, a pouch by Calvin Tanner, and a bowie knife by Glen McClain.

           That is an undeniably great assemblage of some of the finest contemporary made gear made by some of the finest craftsmen and women working today, and if you are attending the show, you wont want to miss your chance to be part of the auction, but if you don’t take special note of this announcement you may. This year the auction will be held on Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm…again, the auction will be held on Friday August 20th at 4:00 pm. That’s a departure from years past where the auction was held on Saturday, and with an event that promises to be as wonderful as this one does, it’s something you will want to be especially aware of.

           You can find out more about this years auction and the participating artists at the Contemporary Longrifle Association web site by following this link:

See you all there.
 Copy and photos supplied by T.C. Albert.   

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