Monday, May 10, 2010

George Kopp (1810-1890) Franklin Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania

Boldly figured curly maple full stock rifle with elegant roman nose and raised and carved cheek-piece; scroll incised carving on cheek side and bordering comb; also incised decoration aft of swell and entire length of stock; beautiful color and patina. There are 19 engraved silver decorations; oval inlay engraved with wonderful eagle and oval thumb-piece. Four piece engraved and pierced patch box, three brass ramrod ferrules, nose-cap, and butt-plate with long tangs; brass trigger guard and pierced hand piece...all engraved except trigger guard. Barrel with sights is a mostly plumb-brown; lock-plate signed in block letters-G. Kopp centering leaf and border engraving; brass two screw engraved side-plate. The barrel is held by pins and tang screw; double set trigger...action is tight. An engraved piece of brass held by two small brass screws is parallel to tang aft of breech on hammer side; appears to have been installed during early period of use. Overall length: 53.75 inches; the 45-caliber octagonal barrel with standard 7-grove rifling is 39.75-inches long.

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