Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dave Hughes Passport

These medals were described in detail in the Quarterly Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Virginia, September 1969 Vol.24 – number 1.  The originals were made of coin silver.  Evidently many were made and presented to Indians in the Virginia area to afford safe passage in the English colonies.  The two I used to reproduce seem to have been made by apprentices or engraved by an inexperienced hand as many mistakes were made on them.  The mis-spelling of the name ”Patomeck” and the insertion of the omitted letter are evidence of somewhat careless or hasty work.

On the second medal, “Machotick” is engraved on a small plate, which was then riveted on the medal.  The name plate probably covers up mistakes which were too gross to correct in the previous manner.

These are interesting medals and the fun for me is to see how closely I can reproduce the pieces, even down to the mistakes.

Copy by Dave Hughes. Photographed at the 2009 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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