Monday, December 21, 2009

Brass Barreled Blunderbuss by David Crisalli

Built in 2002, this blunderbuss was the first firearm produced in 25 years by this builder and the very first attempt at engraving. The brass barrel is a 4 gage Ed Rayle modified by the builder to add the silver brazed and machined decorative muzzle rings. The stock wood was recovered from a locally felled walnut tree and the barrel was hand inlet. The butt plate and trigger guard are commercial Brown Bess castings and the lock was a spare from an early Pedersoli Brown Bess.

Copy and photos supplied by David Crisalli.


  1. I am very interested in your work. May I have your contact information.

    Norman Swoboda

  2. Beautiful work, can,t believe is your first work and engraving,Congratulations. I,d like to make a similar blunderbuss, would you please help me with some dimentions for example diameter of the barrel at the breach and muzle?

  3. Norman - my apologies I did not see you recent comment until today. You can reach me at

    Cesar - same apologies....The barrel I used for this blunderbuss is made by Ed Rayl and is a 4 gage. I machined and then silver brazed the muzzle rings on myself as Ed makes the barrel with a plain flared muzzle. I think all the dimensions are listed on the web site for Stonewall Creek Outfitters.