Friday, September 11, 2009

Artist and Displays at the CLA Show 2009

Believed in using any technique that will give a better finished product, so long as it could be done without reducing the historical correctness of the piece either mechanically or aesthetically.

Jerry Kirklin

One of the contemporary pioneers, he is known for his handmade locks and innovative artistry. This is of a pair illustrated in Robert Weil's book.

Fred Riley

This iron mounted pistol is a handful! The .58 caliber rifled barrel is hand-forged. The sideplate carving and design closely follow the F.K. Jette rifle.

David Rase

Built using an 18th century lock this cute pocket pistol is only 10.75 inches overall. It's very compact yet truely a comprehensive artistic statement...

Jack Brooks

Photographed at the CLA 2009 show of Mel Hankla's Display by Jan Riser. Copy on the guns by Mel.

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