Saturday, September 5, 2009

Artist and Displays at the CLA Show 2009

The silver mounts of this piece follow the lines of the "Johannes Faber" rifle. The lock made from castings, follows a 1760's British Dragoon, a perfect style for the Shenandoah Valley c. 1760-70.

Mark Silver

The epitome of the experience of Jim Chambers, this pistol features silver mountings, fire blued barrel, designed, carved, finished and engraved by Jim.

Jim Chambers

This interesting pistol is built using an original barrel. It is Eric's interpretation of something made circa 1765-1775 at Bethlehem or Christian Spring.

Eric Kettenburg

An apprentice of Hacker Martin, his "wriggle" engraving is easy to identify on many of Hacker's rifles and pistols. This pistol is entirely handmade.

Lester Smith with Hacker Martin.

Photographed at the CLA 2009 show of Mel Hankla's Display by Jan Riser. Copy on the guns by Mel.

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