Monday, March 13, 2023



Carrying on a Tradition.

As part of a grandfather’s continuing tradition to his grandson, Jeremiah David Browning - this is the 13th handmade knife made by friends for his birthday. This year’s outstanding knife was made by talented knife maker, Max Soaper, Henderson, Kentucky. Jeremiah received this knife for his 22nd birthday, November 7, 2022.

Max created a handsome knife with a hand forged blade with a curly maple handle with a poured pewter bolster. 

In Max’s words about his creation: 
“It is loosely based on several Georgian Confederate knives in a private collection. The blade steel is a high carbon spring steel with a medium temper for strength. The guard is mild steel and the handle is Osage Orange. It came from a huge branch off an ancient Osage tree located on my homestead. This particular tree was cored over 40 years ago and at that time was over 600 years old. It saw the development of Kentucky including the Civil War. I forged the blade in a coal forge crudely finishing it with a hammer & various files & a little sand paper. No power tools were involved in its making. The initials were burned into the handle as I'm not a gun stocker or engraver so my choices were limited.”

Continuing in the tradition since the first knife was made by Ian Pratt in 2010, two hearts are incorporated into the knife – this year, they are inletted in brass on the spine of the blade, flanking Jeremiah’s birthday – “Nov. 7, 2022”. And HDW and JDB is stamped into the wood handle. 

Copy and photography supplied by David Wright.

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