Thursday, September 15, 2022

Headpiece by James Blake


This headpiece is copied from an original housed in the New Bruinswick Museum in Saint John, New Bruinswick Canada. It was probably acquired by Sir. William Farrington (1730-1781) of Warden Hall, Leyland Lancashire U.K. prior to 1768 it was passed on by family descent to Susan Farrington( 1809-1894) and her sister Mary Hannah Farrington then onto Henry Howell Farrington( 1868-1947); then acquired by the father of John Forrester at public Auction in the late 1940s. Consigned by John Forrester to auction and sold as lot 91at Christine's, London, England on June 29th 1983. Then donated to the New Bruinswick Museum as a Gift of the Goverment of Canada.  It is labeled Wolastoqiyik which is what the Maliseet people call themselves. Wolastoqiyik means "people of the beautiful river" refering to the St. John River Valley in New Bruinswick.

Stroud cloth
Silk Ribbon
Linen Thread
Glass Beads

Copy and photography supplied by James Blake.

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  1. Hi What material is the head made of?


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