Thursday, July 14, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: Hunting Bag by Denise Cossel

This year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction features a remarkable myriad of art from the talented ladies of the organization. Artist Denise Cossel’s leather hunting bag is testament to the fact that CLA craftspeople are adept at excelling in multiple artistic disciplines.

Cossel’s regular craft is weaving, but her donation to this year’s auction rivals the work of any experienced leatherworker. Cossel’s roomy and well-made bag is crafted from hard-wearing, oil-tanned cowhide. The bag is entirely hand-stitched with linen thread, and the front flap features a nicely-contrasting band of fringed pillow ticking. The interior of the bag is lined with traditional pillow ticking which was dyed with black walnut hulls. 

Cossel’s skills as a weaver are on full display in the bag’s strap, which was entirely hand-woven from 100% wool on an Inkle loom. This blue strap, featuring white and brown decorative banding, adds a touch of beauty to a sturdy rig that will nicely complement any muzzleloader.

For more information on the work of the artist, contact:

Denise Cossel:

Text by Joshua Shepherd

Photography by David Wright

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