Wednesday, July 27, 2022

2017 CLF Auction Item: Hunting Pouch, Horn, and Knife Set by Jeff Luke, Joe-D Baxter, and Jonah Cain


In the modern world, making and using tools from natural materials is a refreshing way to connect to reality. For this year’s CLF Live Fundraising Auction, a trio of artists has teamed up to create a hunting rig that evokes straightforward craftsmanship and rugged performance.

The set is built around a hunting bag by Jeff Luke, a longtime auction supporter. Luke explains that the set is intended to “represent a typical backwoods hunting rig from the mountains of Tennessee in the early years of the 1800's.” The pouch is made from vegetable tanned calf hide, hand stitched with linen thread, distressed, and then dyed to a deep brown hue. The front flap of the pouch was made from the raw edge of a leg portion of the hide. The front panel binding and welt were hand fringed to give a rustic "backwoods" look. The leather strap is adjustable by means of a forged iron buckle by John Rader. 

The set includes a razor-sharp patch knife by Jonah Cain. Forged from an antique hay rake tine, the blade is affixed to a whitetail antler handle; the silver pommel is peened to secure it in place. The knife rests in a primitive bark-tanned deer hide sheath which is sewn to the pouch’s strap. 

This set includes a simple yet elegant horn by Joe-D Baxter. This horn features an elegantly tuned spout, a turned cherry base plug, and a cherry stopper. The horn is always ready for use, and hangs from leather wings attached to the pouch strap.   

For more information on the work of the artists, contact:

Jeff Luke:

Jonah Cain:

Joe-D Baxter:

Text by Joshua Shepherd

Photography by David Wright

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