Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Contemporary Flintlock Pistol by Mark Silver


61" caliber. 11" barrel length. SN: NSN. Single-shot flintlock pistol with Sterling silver mountings and scrollwork decoration. Hammer, lockplate, frizzen, and pan are casehardened while trigger and springs are blued. Barrel displays an even browned finish with a silver bead sight. Curly maple stock displays a deep brown tiger stripe pattern. Item comes with installed leather, flint, and wooden ramrod. Top of barrel is signed "M Silver" in cursive with scrollwork accents. Backstrap features heart shaped silver escutcheon. Floral pattern scrollwork to lock plate, hammer, and trigger guard. Screws to lock plate and tang are blued. This contemporary flintlock pistol was made by Mark Silver in the style of three 17th Century rifles attributed to the James River Basin area. Silver guest curated the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' "Three Centuries of Tradition-The Renaissance of Custom Sporting Arms in America” exhibition and co-authored the accompanying book of the same title. For over forty years, Silver has worked to replicate the techniques and standards of historic gunsmiths with faithful reproductions such as this handsome pistol.


Excellent. Bore is very bright with some visible abrasions throughout. Metal finish is strong with barrel showing a brown color. Edge of frizzen has small mar near hinge while face shows scratches from previous firings. Patched discoloration to front sight bead, pommel, and triggerguard. Action is fully functional.

Copy and photos supplied by Robert Weil.

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