Tuesday, October 15, 2019

First Longrifle by Piotr Wilbik from Poland


We were in contact a year or a year and half ago. That time I was asking for help and opinion whether my great grandparent rifle is American or European origin (it turned out to be pure European).

"Digging" into the topic of longrifles turned out to be so fascinating, that I had decided to build one myself even if I haven't seen any of original or copies in real (I live in Poland). Recently I have finished my first one- loosely based on Lehigh county long rifles.

Could I ask for a favor -  how do you truly judges my work? Should I go forward with next or give up?

I am aware that it has a lot of mistakes and faults, but I had to use what I had at hand. So instead of swamped barrel I had  a straight one and only 40" long. It's hard to get a curly maple here so I have decided to use a piece of European walnut. The lock was another problem, Europeans have bigger curvature so I had to alter parts I had available. Butt plate and trigger guard I have made as a sand casted based on pictures from Internet.

I hope you don not find it very repulsive.
Best regards

Copy and photos by Piotr Wilbik. 


  1. Mr. Wilbik, please share your rifle at AmericanLongrifles.com for some useful comments by American historic gunmakers. I'm not familiar enough with all the various historic styles to comment on yours. It looks well-constructed.

  2. Beautiful rifle!! By all means continue.


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