Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tomahawk by John Logan and Tomahawk Head by Stephanie Aust

I am a traditionally trained blacksmith and traditional craftsman, with my shop in Onondaga Michigan. I, along with my apprentice Stephanie Aust, specialize in weapons of the 19th century though also delve into time periods from the Ancient Celts to the beginning of the 20th century. Firearms, tomahawks, swords, knives, tools, etc. I will attach a few images, or you are welcome to check out my website 

The above mage is of a tomahawk I made for one of the Cherokee chiefs of North Carolina. Head forged from black powder rifle barrel, hand filed and engraved. Handle of quilted maple with red brass and silver inlays of dogwood flowers and traditional Cherokee designs.

A tomahawk head made by Stephanie - Based on a historical example with connection to the frontiersman Lewis Wetzel

Copy and photos supplied by John Logan.

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