Friday, November 3, 2017

Powder Horn by Steve Boyleston

 " Being a close friend of America's Top writer about Our History., David McCullough ., I decided to Gift a Special Powder Horn as a symbol of friendship. I can not say in enough words about him in all aspects of his life. I have made him things in the past that were special. The Powder Horn was inspired by our many conversations about the French and Indian War. When I decided to make it., I used an old horn from a mounted set dated 1873 from Lowell Massachusetts ., both sides are really nice. So the horn was already 150 years old. The designs are from several fine originals in Jim Johnsons Book and Jim Dresslars Book. The horn had the right feel about it and did not give up easy from end to end. It was real creamy white., after doing the neck shaping and fitting the Black Walnut Base plug I started on the designs. The spout plug was carved from a scrap of Slippery Rock maple., with a small 18th century French Key hand threaded to attach the small strap to. Around the bottom there is Philadelphia., New York, Albany and Boston. Around the top is Quebec. I don't know how many symbols are on it., but many. The Curly Maple stand was hand made and lined with tanned Buffalo with small brass nails., David said that he didn't know what he liked the best. 

    Upon receiving the Powder Horn David called me and said that it is the finest thing that he and his wife Rosalee have ever owned in there over 60 years of marriage. I have never had a better compliment in the last 48 years of making longrifles., powder horns., tomahawks and pouches. He told me that every guest and family member love seeing it. My Friend is a true gentleman which is rare anymore. 

Copy and photos supplied by Steve Boyleston.

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