Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016 CLF Auction Item: Tansel Style Blowing Horn by Tim Albert and Tim Crosby

Tim Albert and Tim Crosby have teamed up to produce this outstanding blowing horn for the 2016 Contemporary Longrifle Foundation Auction. Albert & Crosby are perrenial favorites and the auction would not be the same without them. Their auction offerings are always interesting and vary from a meticulous copy of a Daniel Boone horn and bag, through the Five Ears bag, and last years Desperate Times bag. This years offering is a unique and often neglected peiceof frontier hunting equipment, the hunting horn. The hunter on the borders of civilization relied on his dogs. Deer, bear, and small game like racoons, squirrels and rabbits are more easily hunted with dogs. And these far ranging general purpose hunting hounds are more easily called with a horn. Not your little brass fox chase horn but a large deep voiced horn to carry over a mile.

Making this horn special are both Tim Crosby's wonderful horn work and Tim Alberts Tansel inspired scrimshaw. Tim Crosby says "I do not think there is a Tansel blowing horn in existence. I took the tip from a Tansel horn, on the '06 cover of Muzzle Blasts and reversed it to make the mouthpiece. The band at the bell was copied from another Tansel horn that had a band at the butt with a single line turned in it." Tim Albert has captured the Tansel style of engraving on this fish mouthed horn with the Federal Eagle and the characteristic borders.

This is a great horn with style and charisma. Think how well it would look displayed with your rifle and hunting bag. And you dog will love it.

Tim Albert has also created a Youtube video on this horn, it can be seen here:

Tim Albert maybe contacted via email at
Tim Crosby can be contact via email at

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photos supplied by CLF.

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