Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016 CLF Auction Item: Leather Covered Trunk by Michael Buss

Mike Buss is one of the CLA Canadian members. The CL Foundation is enthusiastic about his leather covered trunk donation for the 2016 Auction.

Mike has been making various styles of 18 and 19th century trunks and boxes for perhaps 25 years and has sold many at the CLA annual show in Lexington over the years. He hand forges the handles and block prints the interior paper lining in addition to building the box and covering it with leather. The dimensions of this trunk are a very convenient 18"x11"x9".

A close look at the photos shows this trunk is far beyond the ordinary. It is not just tacked, but it is tacked with style. The wrought iron work adds to the style as does the substantial, period correct key lock. This is brings to mind the traveling trunk of a Hudson's Bay Company factor, or a French Officer, perhaps a very well to do voyageur, who has packed it with several shirts and breeches, a bottle or two of cognac between them, a spare pistol and some Louis d'or.

Note, when looking closely at the photo, when you ask a northerner to photograph something on a white background, they use what is at hand. We have also included photos of a selection of Mikes other work. If this trunk is not what you are looking for he can make one that is.

Mike is a regular at the annual Lexington show and plans to be there this year.

Mike Buss can be contacted by email at

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photos furnished by CLF.

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