Sunday, January 31, 2016

Belt Pistol by Steve Lodding

This pistol has an over all length of 10". The 5.5" tapered barrel is hand turned by maker and has a patent breech. It is a .62 cal. having a applied damascus finish and proof and maker marks stamped at the breech. The lock is a reworked round faced "Becky" by Davis. There is no forward lock screw because the lock has been fitted with a hook that captures a screw head in the lock mortise. This eliminates the downward force that will break/crack the lock mortise. The purpose of this is to allow a larger ramrod, one that you can actually use! The pistol is stocked in figured Maple with a poured nose cap and all the hardware is brass. The tang, barrel and trigger guard are engraved.

Supplied copy and photos.

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