Monday, August 3, 2015

Ken Gahagan Rifle After William Antes

This is a recently completed early rifle some attribute to William Antes. Believed to have been made in 1756 based on the roman numerals in the brass barrel inlay. Some others believe it may have been stocked in Europe but maple stock lends credence that it is American. While stocked in a rather plain maple two walnut strips were added to this piece, one along the butt stock to add the stepped wrist and the other along the bottom of the check piece. Doesn't seem to be any clear reason walnut was used over maple on this. Walnut was pegged in place by small wooded pins. Rear sling mount while no evidence of a front mount would indicate a fore stock repair at some point. Barrel is octagon to round with quite a long octagon section terminating in a wedding band to the round. Original barrel believed to have been rifled although there is no rear site. This barrel is a 42", 62 caliber barrel by Getz. Front site is silver.

Copy and photos supplied by Ken Gahagan.

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  1. This is another great piece by Ken Gahagan. A very interesting rifle with some credibility as a French and Indian War rifle by a noted Moravian rifle maker. Great work on aging this piece