Friday, August 28, 2015

Early York Powder Horn by Art DeCamp and Hunting Pouch by Eric Fleisher

The hunting pouch and horn combination shown in these pictures is a documentary copy of a fine original set that is in a Western Pennsylvania collection.  This new set is the collaborative effort of Art DeCamp who made the replica York screw-tip powder horn and Eric Fleisher who made the hunting pouch.

The original bag and horn set (shown above) is comprised of a fine 1st Generation York screw-tip powder horn which is circa 1780.  It is attached to a double-cavity hunting pouch with a beaver tail hair-on flap made from calfskin.  The carry strap is woven from linen and wool and appears to be the original strap for this hunting bag based on the method and condition of the stitching that attaches it.  This set is noteworthy because it appears that the York powder horn has been attached to the bag from the time the bag was new, based on the leather strap attaching its butt to the woven carry strap.  This serves to help tie the date of both bag and powder horn together, likely the last quarter of the 18thcentury.

Eric Fleisher sized the bag, which is 9" wide, as close as possible to the original from measurements of the original bag and from photos.  Just as on the original, the woven linen and wool carry strap, which was supplied by Paula Hoagland, is attached directly to the bag on the right side of the bag and then is connected by a decorated iron buckle to a leather strap at the left side of the bag.  The buckle is hand-made with the assistance of Mark Wheland, and has three prongs. Separate leather straps connect the powder horn to the carry strap.

The replica York screw-tip powder horn was made by Art DeCamp and approximates the same size, coloration and curvature of the original. The 1st Generation York horns had elongated cherry wood butts retained by three wooden pegs, and distinctive extra-long screw tips as does the horn that is attached to the new bag.

Copy and photos supplied by Art DeCamp.

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