Monday, June 1, 2015

A New Map of Carolina - Grant Campaign Horn of the Cherokee by Scott and Cathy Sibley

Lieutenant Colonel James Grant set out with a force of over 2,800 men to destroy the Middle and Out towns of the Cherokee in 1761. There exists a group of Southern French and Indian War engraved powder horns by the same hand that show this campaign. One such original sits behind glass at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, NC.

Here is a version of this wonderful horn wrought by Scott and Cathy Sibley. Scott made the horn and handed it off to Cathy. Cathy did the layout and engraving. Then Scott put on the color and patina.The horn was engraved by Cathy for Scott's 59th birthday (not that long ago). The layout and engraving took Cathy 33 hours to complete.

The horn selection and layout is perfect for a left side carry horn. Note the mending plate on the side of the throat. A close examination shows that Scott did not drill though, but came close. The local surface stands a little proud, was leveled off and then bolstered with the iron plate. Why am I mentioning this? An expert can take an almost mistake and make it a positive. As beautiful as this horn is in photos, it is twice as good in person! 

Cityscapes and Savage States: Unraveling the James Grant School of Horns
by A. Nicholas Powers, The Horn Book Fall 2014

Copy and Photos by Rick Sheets, Journeyman Horner and Webmaster of The Honourable Company of Horners

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